Language translation is words on page or screen. Interpreting is spoken language.

I specialize in translation from French to English. Interpreting may be available, but only in the York area.

I provide quality mother-tongue professional language translation from French to English. If you're seeking a reliable translation UK partner, please contact us for a free quotation now.

Why use ITTrans?

Experience - With 18 years' translation experience and extensive experience in IT, Commercial management, HR and engineering I can offer highly specialized as well as general translations. 

Quality - All work is proofread in hard copy by a third party to ensure no typos slip through. 

Consistent - A smaller organization with a single translator will produce documents that are not only faithful to the original but consistent.

Price - Without the overheads of a translation agency I can afford to charge less with no loss of quality.

Confidential - Used by HM courts service and counselling services in Leeds.

Variety - No job is too big (given sufficient time) or too small. I translate any text, large or small, from electronic or hard copy, including typesetting. Languages don't take up the same amount of space - French takes up typically 10% more space than English, so we aim to make the layout is as good as the original document.

Efficient - Our professional team ensures you get transparency, on-time delivery with friendly service.

Go ahead click here to contact us now, or ring 08446 648872.

From abroad ring +44 1904 270765.